Victoria Beckham makes TikTok debut with Spice Girls reference

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Victoria Beckham makes TikTok debut with Spice Girls reference

Victoria Beckham has amassed over 28,000 TikTok followers within hours of joining the social media platform.

The 48-year-old former Spice Girl made her TikTok debut and made a reference to her pop star past in the process on Thursday.

In the video, Posh sat at a dinner table in front of a silver platter as she asked: “‘Tell me you are posh without telling me you are posh. I’ll go first.”

A waiter then stepped into the frame and unveiled a plate of salmon and steamed vegetables - a meal that Beckham claims to eat daily.

“I love it,” Beckham said at the end of the short video.

Naturally, Beckham’s entry into the TikTok world has caused quite a stir.

Many fans expressing their exictement about what she has in store for her upcoming content.

However, several others also suggested the video was actually “out of touch” in light of the cost of living crisis.

Victoria Beckham has finally joined TikTok (Getty Images)
Victoria Beckham has finally joined TikTok (Getty Images)

“Tell me you’re rubbing our noses in it when we’re worried about paying for food and fuel,” one viewer explained.

Beckham’s appearance on TikTok came shortly after she asked Instagram followers whether it was a good idea to join the rival social media platform.

It seems Beckham’s fans have spoken and within a day of sharing the poll she had already unveiled three TikTok videos.

Elsewhere on Beckham’s new TikTok page, the mum-of-four also unveiled a behind-the-scenes video taken as she posed for Vogue Australia.

“What happens behind the scenes, no longer stays behind the scenes!” The caption read.

Her latest video featured Beckham talking fans through her simple, glamorous make-up routine.

Speaking to British Vogue about her decision to join TikTok, the pop star-turned-fashion designer admitted she was excited to explore the platform.

However, she doesn’t intend on making any dance routines for now.

“TikTok is a super exciting platform, it’s new territory and a different audience, but it felt like the next natural step,” she told the publication.

“I can’t wait to share what we’ve been creating. On a personal level, I had to give in to the kids at some point – just don’t expect any dance routines!”

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