Victoria Beckham says it’s ‘scary’ how her kids get ‘judged’ on social media

Marissa DeSantis
Victoria Beckham/Instagram

Victoria Beckham weighed in on the stresses that come with social media, particularly when it comes to her kids.

The designer and mom of four spoke with CNBC following her London Fashion Week show, where she opened up about the pros and cons of social media.

“I really enjoy social media,” Victoria said of her Instagram accounts (in addition to her personal account, which she also uses for her fashion line, she has a separate Victoria Beckham Beauty account).

British fashion designer Victoria Beckham reacts after presenting creations for her Autumn/Winter 2020 collection on the third day of London Fashion Week in London on February 16, 2020. (Getty Images)

“I love to use it to have fun, but I can also use it to really engage with my community, which is really, really important - especially with beauty,” she noted.

“I think the children sometimes get judged for things they might like or they might post, and they don’t know, they’re children,” Victoria said of her kids on social media - Brooklyn, 20, Romeo, 17, and Cruz, 14. (Though youngest, Harper, 8, doesn’t have her own social accounts, she does make frequent appearances on Victoria and David’s Instagrams).

Victoria, pictured with daughter Harper on Instagram, says it can be 'a little bit scary' that her children are 'judged' for their social media posts. (Victoria Beckham on Instagram)

“But people are watching everything that they do,” she went on to say, adding, “I think that can be a little bit scary. But it's something relatively new for so many of us, so we're all still learning.”

But the Beckhams don’t take any potential criticism that comes their way via social media to heart. When asked how she and her husband David protect their kids from negative comments, she explained, “I think we're just a really close family and we try to not focus on that and be very positive.”

That close-knit relationship is apparent, from the family’s frequent posts together on social media to Victoria’s fashion shows that always include David and the kids seated in the front row.

Romeo Beckham, Cruz Beckham, David Beckham and Harper Beckham attend the Victoria Beckham show during London Fashion Week February 2020 on February 16, 2020 in London, England. (Getty Images)

Though Brooklyn was absent from her Autumn/Winter 2020 show this past weekend (as Victoria explained to CNBC, he was away for work but showed his support through text), the rest of the Beckham crew were by the designer’s side.

“They're so involved,” Victoria said. “On Valentine's night, they came over and Harper decorated my office with little love hearts and balloons and we had a Valentine's dinner, which was really super-sweet,” she shared, adding, “To have them here supporting me means everything.”