Victoria Beckham Slams It To The Left And Shakes It To The Right As She Dances To Spice Girls At London Fashion Week Party

Daniel Welsh

In a rare uninhibited moment for Victoria Beckham, the popstar-turned-fashion designer has been caught on camera getting her life to a classic 90s tune backstage at London Fashion Week.

And the song that made the woman who swears by “smiling on the inside” up bopping?

Oh, only the signature Spice Girls track ‘Spice Up Your Life’.

VB was in London over the weekend for her first-ever show at London Fashion Week, which coincided with her fashion label’s 10th birthday.

And while her designs got the fashion community talking, we’re truthfully more interested in this footage of her dancing at a party afterwards, where she threw out a few shapes to ‘Spice Up Your Life’ and looked like she was having a bloody good time doing it.

Although you’d be forgiven for thinking that Victoria was keen distance herself from her past as a Spice Girl since starting her fashion label, she’s actually made plenty of reference to her pop career in recent times, including ina ‘Carpool Karaoke’ parody with James Corden, and a mock behind-the-scenes video recently shared on British Vogue’s website:

However, we definitely shouldn’t take this as a sign that Victoria has any intention of reuniting with her bandmates in any sort of live capacity, as she’s repeatedly brushed off reportsthat the Spice Girls will be performing together any time soon.

The group is currently at the centre of reunion rumours,with Mel B claiming last week that the band would be reforming as a four-piece, without Victoria, for a string of live shows.