Who is Victoria Villarroel? Kylie Jenner’s former assistant's real name and why she quit

Marissa DeSantis

Kylie Jenner is making headlines, but for once, it’s not because of anything the makeup mogul has done. Instead, it’s her personal assistant Victoria Villarroel who has everyone talking.

The 27-year-old, who became Jenner’s assistant in 2015, has reportedly handed in her notice, choosing to focus on becoming an influencer herself.

With over 900,000 followers on Instagram and her former boss as a BFF, Villarroel is well on her way to becoming just as influential as the Kardashian sister.

Who is Victoria Villarroel?


Victoria Villarroel Gamero (who goes by Victoria Villarroel on social media) is an Instagram influencer with over 900,000 followers. Villarroel was born in Venezuela, moving to Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago and Texas with her family, before moving to Los Angeles on her own to attend the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM).

“I wanted to be Lauren Conrad,” she told the podcast Girl Cult, sharing that while in school, she interned with Vogue and Teen Vogue.

Villarroel has a younger sister, Sofia, who she appeared with in a photography spread in Vogue Italia in February 2019.


When did Victoria Villarroel start working for Kylie Jenner?


While still in school in 2012, Villarroel started working as an intern for Jenner Communications, where she first met Kylie. After graduating from FIDM, Villarroel lived in Madrid for a year before returning to LA.

“I asked Jenner Communications for a job, and that’s when they hired me as an office manager,” she said upon her return. After a few weeks on the job, Villarroel was in the right place at the right time when Kylie needed help. “I was already on payroll, and the girls already knew me so it was just easy to have me do it,” she recalled.


“I started working for Kylie as a house manager, then I grew to personal and then executive,” she said of how her position started prior to the launch of Kylie Cosmetics. As executive assistant, Villarroel was responsible for arranging Kylie’s travel for appearances at events like the Met Gala.

Though she worked her way through the ranks as Kylie’s assistant, Villarroel said she’d made her fair share of mistakes over the years. “The first time we were traveling together, I was going to pick her up to go to the airport and I slept through my alarm,” she said of her biggest mess-up.


“She had to basically drive herself to the airport, and it gave me so much anxiety, but she didn’t care. It’s going to happen - it’s impossible to be perfect.”

Why did Victoria Villarroel quit working for Kylie?


In an interview with the podcast Girl Cult that was released in April 2019, Villarroel revealed that she had actually quit working for Jenner two weeks prior to speaking on the podcast.

“After five years, it was a long time. I learned so much, and we have such a great relationship - I really do love her with all my heart,” she said of her decision to give her notice. “I want to find my passion, and whatever makes me 100 percent happy and fulfilled. It was time to see what’s next.”

As for what those next steps entail, Villarroel told the podcast, “I don’t know what I’m going to do.” But it’s been reported that Villarroel plans to leverage the massive social media following she’s accrued while working for the Kardashian/Jenner family into a full-time gig as an influencer.


Villarroel has over 900,000 followers on Instagram and has posted ads for Bali Body self-tanner in the past. Plus, her social circle includes fellow influencers Sofia Richie and Anastasia Karanikolaou (and Kylie Jenner, of course).

She’s also dabbled in photography, sharing a website of her work on her Instagram. And Villarroel does have a degree from FIDM, should she choose to pursue something in the fashion industry.

Is Victoria Villarroel engaged?

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A post shared by Marco Lobo (@marcolobo92) on Oct 3, 2019 at 3:50am PDT

In 2016, Villarroel became engaged to professional soccer player Marco Lobo, thanks in part to Kylie who helped plan his elaborate proposal. “It was like the Bachelorette finale,” Villarroel said.

Though the two had been dating for five years, Villarroel said that after “the hardest decision,” they decided to call things off. “I kind of had a breakdown and was like I love him but I’m just not ready,” she said on the Girl Cult podcast. “He had to move to South America to play soccer or to coach soccer, and I didn’t want to move. He was ready to settle and I wasn’t. We broke up and he moved to South America,” she explained, adding, “He was good to me. All I have for him is love and respect - we have a good friendship.”