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    Man held after bomb threat at Iran consulate in Paris

    STORY: A police source told Reuters the man was seen at about 11 a.m. (0900 GMT) entering the consulate, carrying what appeared to be a grenade and explosive vest. Police cordoned off the area.The man later left the consulate and was then arrested, a police source said. The TV channel BFM said he had been carrying replica grenades.A police source said it was the same man who had been suspected of attempted arson near the Iranian consulate in an incident last September.Le Parisien newspaper said

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    Ukraine needs more air defense systems: Zelenskiy

    STORY: In an emotional speech by video link to the NATO-Ukraine Council, the Ukrainian leader described the current level of foreign aid as "very limited" and said Israel had not been left to fend for itself during Iran's massive air strike on Saturday."(Russian President Vladimir) Putin must be brought down to earth, and our sky must become safe again.. And it depends fully on your choice... (the) choice whether we are indeed allies," Zelenskiy said in his speech.NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg sai

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    Meet the German man who's mastered the synthesizer used in 'The Birds'

    STORY: A German man has mastered thislittle-known instrument called the Trautonium"It's like an ocean noise. I can also do the flutter. It flies directly to us."Location: Munich, GermanyIt creates chilling sounds andhas been used in hundreds of films(Peter Pichler, Trautonium player)"You are hearing the real Trautonium sound. And that has to do with the fact that Alfred Hitchcock made the film The Birds in 1962. You know the film: birds attack mankind and destroy mankind. But he realised that no

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    Woman ‘almost died’ trying to cure cancer with juice diet

    A woman who almost died trying to cure her cancer with a juice diet has warned others against “cutting out” traditional medical advice and trying to source alternative information online. Medics tried to get Irena Stoynova to use conventional cancer treatments after she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma in June 2021, but she “shut them out”. The former model said instead of chemotherapy, she sought alternatives online and took the advice of a man who has hundreds of thousands of followers

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    India's Manipur overcomes fear of violence to vote

    STORY: Gunshots rang out in India's Manipur on Friday... as large numbers of voters cast ballots in the violence-torn state for the world’s largest election. There is a shadow over the election in this part of the country. In the past year, over 200 people have died in ethnic clashes. The state has been roiled by fighting between the majority Meitei and tribal Kuki people since May. On Friday there were scattered incidents of violence.An election official said there were at least six instances o

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    Snow Showers Pick Up in Northern Colorado

    Snow showers swept into the Denver-Boulder area on Friday, April 19, with heavier snow expected as the day continued, the National Weather Service (NWS) said.Footage shows snow falling on Boulder on Friday.A winter weather advisory was in effect until Saturday morning, with the NWS warning of total snow accumulations up to 10 inches. Credit: @mewmewmew13 via Storyful

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    Chilean organizations give new life to fashion leftovers

    STORY: Chilean organizations are giving new life to discarded clothes that end up in the Atacama desertLocation: Santiago, ChileOne group works with vulnerable youth, transforming clothes into tote bags (Diego Trincado, Chile Director, Adventist Development and Relief Agency)"It was shocking to be able to go through the clothes situated there and see the amount of clothes in that place, along with the volunteers who were there. We were unearthing clothes that came from other countries, some with