Video: Clever bird toboggans down snowy rooftop

A cool crow that was filmed tobogganing down a steep snow-covered roof is fast becoming a Web video sensation.

For a minute and a half, the crow decided to ditch flying through the air while it mastered the art of tobogganing using a jar lid insteadAfter completing the first run successfully, it decides to fly back up with its toboggan in beak and takes the plunge from another angle.

On the second go, the feathered creature stumbles on an empty snow patch – preventing him from sledging further. But it’s not long before, the bird is back surfing down the original route and picking up the pace.

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A family, from Russia, caught the crow in the act and from the audio in the video, it’s clear that the clever little birdie provided them with lots of entertainment – and we agree too.

An observer heard on the video has been translated as saying: “Maybe it’s teasing us.”

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