Video: Cooling towers demolished in High Marnham

Five cooling towers at a former power station in High Marnham, Nottinghamshire have been levelled in a controlled explosion.

The towers, which dominated the landscape for 50 years, were the last part of the station to be demolished after it was closed in 2003.

Previously the station’s chimneys were felled as part of the process in December 2004, while the 150ft high boiler house was demolished in October 2006. The towers were brought down after it was deemed they were unsafe.

The site’s owners E.ON confirmed that there were no plans for development of the High Marnham site.

“I know the final demolition will be met with sadness by the many people who worked at the power station, but it was essential that we removed the remaining towers as they were in danger of becoming unsafe and cannot be used as part of any new development,” said Neil Riley, head of generation development for E.ON.

“In 2010, we announced we would not be proceeding with our plans for the development of the High Marnham site for a new gas-fired power station as a result in the reduction of demand for electricity,” he added.

“We still believe that the site represents an excellent opportunity for future generation but there are no current plans for development.”

E.On has said that “extensive clear-up work” of the site will take several months.