Video: Could eye-tracking technology replace your mouse?

A new 'eye tracking' controller lets PC users use their eyeballs instead of a mouse - reading down a web page to scroll, and looking around a screen instead of using a mouse pointer.

Tobii's technology works with Microsoft's new touch-friendly Windows 8 - and is controlled by a sensor bar on top of a laptop's screen.

The technology uses a sensor to track tiny eye movements - and lets users scroll and point using eye motions.

The device works using a webcam-like add-on that you plug into a PC via USB.

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Tobii's peripheral is expected to go on sale in autumn this year.

Tobii has already used its technology to create an Asteroids machine controlled by eye tracking devices.

Its PC controllers are used in hi-tech 'advert monitoring' where web companies monitor which parts of a screen people look at, and as a tool for disabled PC users.