Video: Tornado causes wedding ceremony distraction

Gaby Leslie

Incredible footage capturing the moment a tornado caused a commotion at a wedding ceremony in Kansas has stormed the Web.

It starts off like any other wedding video, with newlyweds Caleb and Candra Pence performing their nuptials in front of delighted guests.

But midway through the ceremony the wind suddenly picks up and the skies darken.

The cameraman is forced to tear his lense away from the couple and towards the horizon where the menacing twister is swirling.

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Luckily for the couple the twister stays just about far away enough to enable them to both say ‘I do’.

Bride Candra said she saw the funny side, telling “I couldn't ask for better pictures.”

Her mother added: “It's just Kansas, it's just who we are, it's like wheat fields, cowboys and tornadoes, what more can you ask for.”