Video: Wingsuit man’s incredible 37,000 ft leap smashes four world records

Gaby Leslie

This is the moment thrillseeker Jhonathan Florez smashed four Guinness World Records at once after jumping out of a plane at 37,265 ft.

Sporting a wingsuit, fearless Mr Florez soared over La Guajira, Colombia, setting records for highest-ever jump, greatest horizontal distance flown in a wingsuit at 16.315 miles and greatest absolute distances flown at 17.520 miles.

The 29-year-old stuntman also flew for a record-breaking nine minutes and six seconds.

As he flew like a ‘human bird’ at 100mph, the adrenaline junkie also had to endure temperatures as low as -45C.

The leap was taken from such a high altitude that he needed to carry oxygen cylinders during the death-defying stunt.

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His suit was also fitted a GPS tracking system and thermals to protect him from the freezing temperatures.

The professional filmmaker and photographer captured the dive from start to finish with cameras attached to his helmet and back.

After accomplishing the impressive feat, Mr Florez told a local newspaper: "It was just an amazing feeling when I completed the jump. It was the best moment of my life.

“When you are up there it really feels like you are flying.

“It was great to break so many records in just one attempt.

“I had to complete a lot of training to prepare my body for the jump as you get put under great pressure travelling through air — the winds can hit speeds of 120mph.

“You have to be strong enough to be able to maneuver your body and I was up there for a long time.”