VIDEO: New aerial footage gets closer look at dolphins off Falmouth coast

Aerial footage captures a closer look at a pod of dolphins along the Falmouth coast <i>(Image: 3Deep Aerial)</i>
Aerial footage captures a closer look at a pod of dolphins along the Falmouth coast (Image: 3Deep Aerial)

AERIAL footage taken this week shows the sheer number of dolphins that have been visiting the Falmouth coast this week.

As reported in The Packet earlier this week, a large pod of dolphins was spotted off the Falmouth coast and filmed by local cafe owner, Lee Alexander.

Now, new aerial footage filmed by drone film company 3deep Aerial shows a number of dolphins swimming along the Carrick Roads estuary as well as coming up close to the St Mawes Ferry.

You can view the aerial footage below.

According to Lee, several pods had been spotted over the past week, with 'hundreds' of dolphins being seen across five or six days.


Several types of dolphins can be spotted in Cornwall including Common Dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins, and Risso's Dolphins which tend to be more elusive.

Back in May of 2022, a rare 'super pod' of Dolphins was spotted in Falmouth Bay by wildlife cruise company AK Wildlife Cruise.

The company said at the time they believed it is the largest pod of Bottlenose Dolphins ever recorded on their trips and it was a "once in a lifetime" experience.

The dolphins aren't the only marine favorites to be spotted along Cornwall's coast this week.


The Packet also covered the 'mental' moment local fisherman, James Tanner, 25, was on his boat in Carbis Bay when a large whale breached the water and swam by his boat at a close range.

James managed to record the footage on his mobile phone and posted the footage online which has now reached more than 168,000 views on Facebook.

James wasn’t sure what type of whale he'd seen, however, some members of the public commented on the post saying it could be a 'young humpback whale.'