Video Captures Harrowing Screams of Girl Electrocuted in Sydney CBD

A teenage girl screamed for help after she was electrocuted on June 10, while walking in wet socks past a construction site in Sydney’s central business district.

Anna Lambden, 15, was walking along George Street in Haymarket after removing her boots, which had become uncomfortable, Yahoo reported. She is reported to have suffered an electric shock as she passed the light rail construction zone, causing her to drop to the ground.

Distressing footage captured by witness Alexander Ollier shows Lambden sitting on the wet pavement, screaming for help.

Lambden’s mother Viola Morris said she received a call from her daughter while she waited for paramedics.

“For all the crazy things kids do, I’m wild with rage that something as innocent as taking off boots to walk in socks could have killed her,” she said. “She called me while she was waiting for the ambulance and she thought she was going to die.”

Lambden was rushed to hospital; after several hours of heart monitoring she was permitted to leave.

7 reported the government has promised an independent investigation into the incident. It is suspected an exposed wire was the culprit, however, work on the site will not resume until an initial investigation is complete. Credit: Alexander Ollier via Storyful