Video of property management worker violently shoving resident angers Chinese netizens

Video of a property management worker assaulting a resident while cleaning clutter has gone viral on social media in China.

The video, provided by local police and captured in Tianjin city near Beijing on February 28, shows a 42-year-old property management worker named only as Li violently shoving a 57-year-old man named Zhang onto the ground and dragging him away when he tried to stop enforcement officers from taking away his belongings.

The video has prompted a fierce reaction online in China, according to Chinese media.

Li was summoned to the police station after they received a report and confessed.

According to reports, the officers went to the residential community to carry out cleaning work.

It was in the process of clearing up Zhang's belongings that he was assaulted by Li.

Li was detained for 10 days and fined 500 yuan (£56), according to local media.