Video shows an 11-year-old boy practicing the cello on the top of a 30ft pinnacle

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This video shows an eleven-year-old boy practicing the cello on the top - of a 30ft rocky pinnacle.

Dylan Heason has already won prestigious rock-climbing awards and tackled some of the hardest routes in the country.

But he also enjoys learning to play the cello, and recently decided to combine his two passions - and carried his instrument to the top of Tegness Pinnacle.

From the top of the 30ft rocky outcrop, Dylan sat and played the intro to Game of Thrones - against the dramatic backdrop of the Peak District, Derbyshire.

Dylan said: "It's a really good view from up there, I can see my house. I wasn't scared because I've been climbing up and down it for years."

Dad Matt, 48, said: "It's a relatively easy climb - especially from him. He just climbed up from the bottom.

"I put a rope anchor on the summit and he had a climbing harness on so he could clip in and be safe. 

"He was learning two things, Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles and the theme tune of Game of Thrones - he's not watched it, he's far too young. 

"He saw it in a YouTube video called Two Cellos, that's where he got inspired from. 

"I was perfectly confident in his abilities, he was very safe. 

"A family walked by when we were there, it's quite off the beaten track so I was surprised. 

"They pretty much ignored us which I thought was weird, because it was such an unusual; thing to be done."

Dylan, now 12, lives in Grindleford, Derbyshire, with his dad and mum, Sophie, and brother, Bryn, 14.