Video shows Benidorm beach disappearing in 'bizarre' fog leaving Brit tourists fuming

Terrified holidaymakers 'fled' when a Benidorm beach disappeared in a thick fog - prompting Brits back home to gloat while sunbathing in their gardens. Tracy Stocks and her husband decided to travel to Benidorm for some sea and sun but the pair were left confused when a thick fog appeared on Sunday 5 May at the beach while they were sunbathing.

The 43-year-old assumed a fire had broken out in a nearby apartment but decided to stay on the beach to film the eerie sight, unlike most other holiday makers who fled the strange phenomenon. Taking to Facebook, the carer shared video footage of the mystery fog captioned 'what happened' to see if anyone could help to identify it.

The clip shows a dark grey mist covering the entire beach and encircling the sunbathers and you can see lots of tourists hastily packing away their belongings. Many Facebook users took to the comments and identified the mystery cloud as a thick 'sea mist', which is caused by the temperature difference between land and the water. Other users joked about how sunny it was in the UK in comparison, and one user quipped 'it's lovely and sunny in Derby'.

Dark grey mist on Poniente Beach, Benidorm
Dark grey mist on Poniente Beach, Benidorm -Credit:Kennedy News and Media

The couple, who frequently travel to Benidorm, arrived on April 10 for a few weeks of relaxation and Tracy revealed she has never experienced anything like it. Tracy, who lives in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, said: "It was really strange. We were just sunbathing and we saw what we thought was smoke coming from the new town. It circled round us and we were in the middle of it.

"Everyone was running off the beach. I didn't know if it was smoke or whatever. I thought one of the apartments was on fire. We watched it for a bit. We couldn't see any of the buildings either side or the rocks. It was just pure mist. We asked the locals what it was. Someone told us it was sea mist.

"Everybody had their cameras out and even the local restaurants were coming outside and got their phones out to see what was going on. Quite a lot of us ran off. It's something you'd expect back in the UK but not in Benidorm. It was very bizarre."

The view from 40-year-old Tracy Stock's hotel in Benidorm
The view from 40-year-old Tracy Stock's hotel in Benidorm -Credit:Kennedy News and Media

The 43-year-old revealed she usually goes to Benidorm for some sun and a tan and found it 'ironic' that those in the UK experienced a sunnier bank holiday than she did. Posting the video to Facebook, Tracy hoped someone would reveal to her what the mysterious smoke-like cloud was.

Tracy said: "My friends and family were telling us how hot it is in the UK. It was crackers. Normally when we're away it's raining in England. It was quite frustrating really. But we have the beach right near us at least. I sent photos to friends and everyone was asking what it was. We don't get that in Lincoln. I put the pictures up to see if anybody knew what it was. It was a bit different."

The eerie 'sea mist' has not put the couple off Benidorm, however, as while they are due to fly back to the UK on April 12, they are currently looking to extend their stay. Many users took to the comments to identify the strange fog.

One user said: "It's just a sea mist. Chill people." Another user said: "Oh sea mist amazing to see." A third user said: "When cold air meets warm air."

Other users joked about how it was hot and sunny back in the UK. One user said: "It's lovely and sunny in Derby." Another user said: "Us in Britain have borrowed the sun for a day."