Video Shows Site of Escape of Texas Fugitive Killed in Police Shootout

Officials said escaped convict Gonzalo Lopez was fatally shot by police on June 2, after escaping from a crashed prison bus in Centerville on May 12 by assaulting a correctional officer.

Lopez was suspected to be involved in the killing of three children and two adults in Centerville, after his escape, before he was located by police.

Authorities offered up to $50,000 for information that would assist with the capture of Lopez, who was on the state’s 10 Most Wanted Fugitives List.

This video, which shows the scene of the bus crash on May 12 along Highway 7 west of Centerville, was recorded by Braxton Tieperman, who said he “saw him go in the woods.” Braxton shot the video from the backseat of his mother’s car.

Braxton’s mother, Melanie, said he received a “special” letter of thanks from the Texas Department of Public Safety for his efforts. Credit: Braxton Tieperman via Storyful

Video transcript

BRAXTON TIEPERMAN: Yo, we saw the inmate.

- Oh my god.



He's hiding right in there.


There he goes.


- Right through the [INAUDIBLE].


- You see him?

BRAXTON TIEPERMAN: No. Does he have a gun, a weapon?

- Oh, [MUTED].


- Oh my god. I wonder if-- I wonder if the guy's OK.


- The-- he's in the woods.

- Yeah, I know. [INAUDIBLE]

- Are you videoing this, Braxton?

BRAXTON TIEPERMAN: Yeah, I saw him go in the woods.


We saw everything. What the-- wait, I want to be on the news.

- See it?

BRAXTON TIEPERMAN: Yeah, he ran at that. He ran towards that house.

- You think?

BRAXTON TIEPERMAN: Yeah, somewhere near that house. So whoever is in that house might want to be careful. Whoever's in that house is going to want to be careful.

- Be looking, Braxton. Keep your window down in case you see him.

BRAXTON TIEPERMAN: Well, what are all these bugs here?

- It's lovebugs. Look. Video back there where they are taking them out of the bus. Are y'all busy? All right, [INAUDIBLE] [MUTED].

A prisoner bus. A prisoner [INAUDIBLE].

A prisoner is going [INAUDIBLE].

BRAXTON TIEPERMAN: Guys, y'all got to sub right now.


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