Video Shows Gaza Building Destroyed in Direct Hit After 'Roof Knock' Warning

As Israel continued its campaign of strikes on Gaza, this footage, by Fares Marwan Alghoul, showed a building destroyed by a missile shortly after a “roof knock” bomb hit it.

“Roof knocking” is the Israeli military practice of dropping lighter explosives onto buildings as a warning, before a more destructive bomb or missile follows.

Alghoul said this example was recorded in north Gaza on May 18.

The UN said in 2009 the technique was “not effective as a warning and constitutes a form of attack against the civilians inhabiting the building.” The Israel Defense Forces say it is one of several ways by which they “dedicate resources to minimize civilian harm.” These measures, they say, include text messaging, calls to residents, and the “roof knocker” bombs.

The death toll from airstrikes on Gaza had risen to at least 227 by May 19, the Gaza Ministry of Health said. Twelve people had been killed by rockets fired at Israel. Credit: Fares Marwan Alghoul via Storyful

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