Shock video shows man knocked out by one punch during London train station brawl

A man was knocked out by one punch during a brawl at a train station in London.

Footage of the incident at Waterloo station was posted on Twitter earlier this month.

It shows a group of men, some of them wearing yellow scarves, involved in an argument.

One man swings a punch at another (Picture: Caters)

At one point, one of the men tries to get to another, who responds by swinging a punch at him.

The blow knocks the man down to the floor, apparently unconscious.

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Ayman Riane was in the station when he saw a group of around eight smartly dressed men shouting and swearing at each other by the arrivals board.

One of the men ploughs through the group to get to one of the other men.

He then walks straight into a left hand which sends him face first into the ground leaving him out cold.

The man is left on the floor after the punch (Picture: Caters)

An onlooker can be heard saying “Oh my God” as a brawl breaks out further away.

Mr Riane said: “I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“The guy went down straight away after one punch.

“I saw him get medical attention, but nothing after that.”

It is not known exactly when the incident occurred.

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