Video shows Princess Diana "watching" King Charles as he walks behind Queen's coffin

This video shows Princess Diana "watching" King Charles as he walks behind the Queen's coffin.

Cameron Stewart, 26, captured the moment the late monarch was being taken along the Royal Mile in Edinburgh yesterday (12/9).

In his shot, a smiling photo of the Princess of Wales is clearly visible on a shop front - with the new king yards away.

Charles, who is walking alongside his siblings, does not appear to notice the Diana image.

Cameron, a musician who lives in a flat overlooking the Royal Mile, filmed from his window.

He said: "I am supportive of the monarchy and this is such a big moment in history.

"We saw the picture of Diana and it was like she was watching - it is a one of a kind moment.

"There were quite a lot of tourists taking pictures with her photo too - it shows how popular she was."

Charles and Diana married in 1981 but divorced in 1996 after a turbulent relationship. She then died a year later in a car crash.

Cameron said the atmosphere for the procession was "strange" - and Edinburgh has been "hectic" in recent days.

He said: "As the royals approached, it was a strange atmosphere. Everyone went silent in respect."

"It's been very hectic living here the past few days.

"My partner needed to walk an hour extra, going a different route to get over the street because he couldn't cross the Mile.

"Normally, whenever there are royal visits here there are some sort of protests. But everyone was being very respectful of what has happened."