Video shows residents in China's Beihai queueing for mandatory COVID testing

A Brit has revealed what life is like under lockdown in China - where Covid restrictions are still strictly enforced.

Mark Bishop, 64, moved from Leicester to Beihai in 2014.

The English teacher said life was "great" initially but changed after the outbreak of Covid.

China has adopted a 'zero tolerance' attitude towards the virus, with strict lockdowns still enforced.

While this is thought to have been successful at reducing infections, reports say it has come at the expense of wellbeing and livelihoods.

Mark, a dad-of-three, says the latest lockdown in his area was lifted just three weeks ago.

He said: "When I first arrived here, things were great.

"But since the pandemic started, there has been a zero tolerance attitude towards Covid in the community.

"For lots of the rest of the world, Covid seems to be a thing of the past, but here there is still very much a pandemic."

Like many, life during Covid has been extremely difficult for Mark and his wife.

But compared to other nations, China has kept strict policies in place to deal with any rise in cases across the country.

Mark claims mandatory testing is still going on, with residents being forced to test every night.

He says each person also has a QR code on their phone which they must present when going into supermarkets or other essential shops.

If the QR code flashes green, that person has had their daily test, but without a green light resident are denied entry anywhere they go.

Mark says Beihai, in south-west China, has been constantly in and out of lockdown since the pandemic began.