Video shows serial phone snatcher being rammed off electric motorbike by police

Police have released a video showing a serial phone thief being rammed off his bike and arrested. Sonny Stringer, 28, was filmed making off with an accomplice before being chased by police.

A woman was standing on Blackfriars Bridge when her iPhone 15 was snatched from her hand on Tuesday, March 26. It was quickly reported to the police, and control officers picked up the criminals on the camera network and directed officers to begin searching for them.

The two make off at high speed on electric motorbikes, heading into the City of London with a police car in pursuit. Security cameras track their rampage as pedestrians are forced to take evasive action from the bikes, which hit almost 50mph at times.

An unmarked police vehicle then rams him off his bike and he is promptly arrested. He was found to have an astonishing 24 stolen phones on him.

Stringer, from Islington, appeared at Isleworth Crown Court on Tuesday, June 4. He pleaded guilty to 10 thefts - nine as detailed below and one extra theft to represent the other 15 phones stolen. He also pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and driving without insurance.

He received an interim driving ban, effective from today (June 4). He pleaded not guilty to a robbery charge and the prosecutor at court said no evidence would be submitted in relation to that offence and Stringer will be sentenced on Thursday, August 8.

Chief superintendent Rob Atkin said: “The successful capture and prosecution of a prolific phone snatcher shows City of London Police’s focus on detecting and bringing to justice those who steal from people on our streets.

“This was a team effort from our control team following the criminals on CCTV and communicating with officers on the ground, to response officers making risk-critical decisions to protect the public and effect an arrest. Not forgetting our investigators tracking down victims from across London, returning valuable mobile phones and ensuring a guilty verdict.

“Phone snatching has a significant impact on victims and our key priority has been to reduce the number of phones stolen and relentlessly target those criminals responsible.”