Video: Take a look inside Austria’s upside-down house

This quirky house may look like it has been plucked from Disney Pixar film 'Up', but it has become quite the tourist attraction in a quaint Austrian village

From the bathroom to the toilet, every inch of the bizarre residence has been wowing visitors because the whole thing has been constructed upside-down.

Architects Irek Glowacki and Marek Rozhansk deliberately built the outlandish house upside-down. Photo: Reuter …

The curious property, which has been built in a topsy-turvy manner both inside and out, certainly sticks out in Terfens-Vomperbach, Tyrol, Western Austria.

Luckily for visitors, the upside-down house was built with no running water. Photo credit: Reuters

Polish architects Marek Rozhanski and Irek Glowacki spent eight months building and furnishing the wacky creation.

Even a life-size VW Beetle has been painstakingly installed onto the ceiling.

Tourists are mesmerised by a life-size VW Beetle installed upside-down on the ceiling. Photo credit: Reuters

Video footage, which showcases the house in all its glory, is so much like an illusion that visitors appear as though they are walking while standing on their heads.

Tourists appears as though they are walking on the ceiling in the topsy turvy residence. Photo credit: Reuters …

The country hopes to boost tourism in the village with the opening of the architectural oddity.

Fortunately for visitors, the toilet has no running water.