Video: Ukrainian drones target Russian helicopter on Snake Island

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Video: Ukrainian drones target Russian helicopter on Snake Island

Ukranian drones carried out a strike on Russian forces on the now-occupied Snake Island, new footage has shown.

In footage, the drones can be seen targeting a Russian helicopter as its dropped enemy troops on the island.

The video footage is just the latest in a series of raids carried out by Ukrainian forces on the island.

A seperate video released on Saturday appeared to show Ukrainian pilots carrying out a bombing raid on the island at high speed.

The Ukrainian military also released aerial footage of a strike on a Russian Serna-class vessel and structure on the island which has been occupied since late February.

Ukrainian official Anton Gerashchenko previously said: “Enemy units remaining on Snake Island remain without air cover and will be destroyed and burned out like cockroaches or locusts.”

Snake Island has become a symbol of resistance after an audio clip was shared online of defending troops shouting expletives at a Russian ship.

The soldiers were later captured but then exchanged in a prisoenr swap.

A Russian warship was also lost in the Black Sea afetr sutaining heavy damage.

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