Video: Upkick KOs fighter, who eats 20 more punches while unconscious on top

Depending on who you ask, Chihiro Suzuki may have scored the sickest and slickest upkick knockout in MMA history.

At RIZIN Landmark 7 in Azerbaijan, a grounded Suzuki (11-3) clunked Vugar Karamov with his heel, a highlight-reel knockout blow.

With nowhere else to topple, the unconscious Karamov (19-5) landed directly on Suzuki, who proceeded to pummel away with punches because the referee hadn’t stepped in. The official took a closer and closer look, but it took approximately 20 punches before a stoppage.

Check out the unbelievable finish from multiple angles below:

Upkicks are certainly rare in mixed martial arts. To put in perspective, there have only been two in UFC history: Jon Fitch over Thiago Alves and Niko Price over James Vick.

Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie