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    Drone footage shows flooded highway in Dubai

    STORY: The storm, which first hit neighboring Oman on Sunday, (April 14) pounded the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Tuesday (April 16), flooding roads and causing gridlock that lasted for hours as rainwater inundated homes and businesses. One person was reported dead in the UAE and 20 in Oman.Rains are rare in the UAE and elsewhere on the Arabian Peninsula, which is typically known for its dry desert climate. Summer air temperatures can soar above 50 degrees Celsius.Climate experts say rising tem

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    Sturgeon: Charge against husband is ‘incredibly difficult’

    Former Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon has said the situation has been "incredibly difficult" after her husband, former SNP chief executive Peter Murrell, was charged in connection with an alleged embezzlement of funds. .

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    News bulletin 2024/04/19 14:28

    News bulletin 2024/04/19 14:28View on euronews

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    Yousaf: Peter Murrell charge is ’really serious matter’

    First Minister of Scotland Humza Yousaf has said the news that former SNP chief executive Peter Murrell has been charged in connection with embezzlement of funds is a "really serious matter indeed". .

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    North Korea releases song praising leader Kim Jong Un

    STORY: The music video for the song was aired on the state-controlled Korean Central Television on Wednesday (April 17).A live performance of the song accompanied by an orchestra and watched by Kim was also broadcast on state television as part of a ceremony on Tuesday (April 16) to mark the completion of building 10,000 new homes.The Kim family dynasty that has ruled North Korea since its founding after World War Two has sought to strengthen their grip on power by building cults of personality

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    Dozens Freed as Spanish Police Bust Human Trafficking Ring They Say Exploited Colombians

    Spanish authorities rescued 46 people and made 12 arrests after busting a human trafficking ring that had lured people from Colombia to Tarragona with the promise of hospitality internships, the Civil Guard said on April 19.“The victims came to Spain with the promise of obtaining a hospitality internship contract for which they would receive a salary of €500, but after working up to 15 hours a day in some cases they only earned €20,” the Interior Ministry said.The 12 arrests were made in Tarrago

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    Sunak to ‘sit there and vote’ until Rwanda Bill is passed

    Prime Minister Rishi Sunak promises to “sit there and vote” until his Rwanda Bill is passed on Monday. .