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    'Pretty Wild' Sea at Galway as Storm Fergus Hits Ireland

    High waves and strong winds hit Galway on Sunday, December 10, as Storm Fergus moved across Ireland. Orange warnings for wind were in place for Galway, Mayo, and Clare until the evening.In Galway the strong winds brought trees down and part of the city’s promenade was closed off because of flooding, according to RTE.Footage shared to X by Sharon Glynn shows the stormy sea. Credit: Sharon Glynn via Storyful

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    Venice Mayor Blasts 'Eco Vandals' as Dye Turns Grand Canal Green

    Protesters from the Extinction Rebellion group were branded “eco vandals” by Venice’s Mayor Luigi Brugnaro after pouring green dye into the city’s Grand Canal on December 9.Similar protests were seen along waterways in Rome, Milan, Turin and Bologna, as the group criticized what it said was the inaction of governments at COP28.The dye used was “a simple fluorescein. A harmless salt used by plumbers as a tracer and even to signal the position of divers lost at sea,” a spokeswoman for the group sa

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    Ex-soldier fighting sex abuse case in Japan has hope

    STORY: Former Japanese soldier Rina Gonoi is hoping for change in her country, ahead of a verdict due Tuesday in a landmark battle she's waging in Japan's courts.She's accused male military personnel of sexual assault, drawing global attention for going public in a place where speaking out against sexual abuse is taboo.Gonoi believes the ruling carries weight for Japan's future, where she says there are many sexual assault and harassment cases, but criminal consequences are "very light"."It is i

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    Mum embraces her small chest and creates clothing brand for women like her

    A mum who was "skinny-shamed" and told men wouldn’t want her with "no boobs" has embraced her small chest and created a clothing brand for women like her. Leah Godfrey, 34, felt insecure about her small 30A cup boobs growing up and was taunted with comments which made her believe something was “wrong” with her. She was told no guys would "want you if you have no boobs" and nicknamed "twiglet" for her slender figure. Leah looked into a boob job aged 15 and even went for several appointments ahead

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    Dad decorates house with 70,000 lights requiring 90 switches

    A Christmas-mad dad who has decorated every inch of his house with lights for 18 years says he'll never stop and the rising cost will never put him "off". Paul Bibby is a local legend in Chelmsford, Essex, having lavishly adorned his house with Christmas lights every year for the past 18 years. This year saw him string up over 30,000 lights with 70,000 bulbs as well as an eight foot gingerbread man, nutcracker and Christmas tree. He also covered the house in a blow up Santa, penguin, polar bear,

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    Survey reveals how much pet parents spend yearly on their pets

    The average pet parent spends about $4,800 a year on their furry friend, according to new research. A survey examined a year in the life of a pet parent and looked at various factors impacting 2,000 dog and cat owners in 2023, including finances, and found that these costs come from food, toys, clothes, treats and health needs. This year, pet parents spent about $633 on food for their pets — but even more on treats ($645). Pet parents also averaged spending close to $600 on fun items such as toy

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    Farage: The jungle was a magical experience

    Former UKIP Leader Nigel Farage says he will “miss the jungle” after spending 23 days in camp. He goes on to say that his controversial £1.5million sign-up fee was “the biggest pay check” he’s ever received. .