Bloom of Bioluminescent Algae Stuns Beachside Residents in South Australia


Beach side residents near Port Lincoln were dazzled by blue-glowing bioluminescent algae on the evening of June 18.

The algae appeared at the shores of South Australia on Sunday evening. According to ABC, the bright blue glow is caused by a plant plankton called Noctiluca scintillans. When physically agitated, they emit a blue/green glow of light as a defense mechanism to scare off predators.

While the blooms are a beautiful phenomenon, The Australian said the brilliant display has a “sinister side”. The algae consume other plankton and their presence often indicates the end of a feast, leaving local shellfish with little-to-no food.

This video shows videographer Mark Thomas taking a bot through the waters and interacting with the plankton. Credit: Mark Thomas via Storyful

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