Chavez expected to miss Thursday's presidential inauguration

No change in the health of cancer stricken Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

The Supreme Court must decide soon whether the constitution is flexible enough to do away with the necessity of Thursday’s planned inauguration.

The leader of the National Assembly Diosdado Cabello has called for mass rallies for Chavez come what may.

“There will be a big concentration here in Caracas on January 10, all of Venezuela will be in front of Miraflores Palace, with the people supporting our president, supporting Commandant Chavez,“said Cabello.

If the court does rule Chavez can assume another term as president the man ready to accept a temporary transfer of power is vice president Nicolas Maduro. However analysts predict Diosdado Cabello will mount a challenge.

Meanwhile the Venezuelan Catholic Church has added its voice to opposition concerns saying it would be a morally unacceptable violation of the constitution to allow Chavez to remain in power if he does miss his inauguration.

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