Dad gives toy car turbo power... nearly crashes

Jacob Strickling, the 'Mad Scientist' from Down Under (Sydney, Australia), famous for his whale whispering has been up to his mischief once again.

Jacob has uploaded a video online showing his children testing a toy car he souped up and gave a little bit too much juice.

In the amusing video, the science enthusiast's children are seen giving the turbo toy car a go for the first time.

Unfortunately, the motor was too powerful and the battery pack at the back was too heavy, meaning the car did a huge wheelie before careering out of control.

The children were not injured, but the Jacob was said to be a bit shaken up by the incident.

In an interview, he claims that 'Toys are just too boring and sedate these days, they need a bit of souping up to bring back the fun!'

He has a playlist on his YouTube Channel 'Make Science Fun' called 'Turbo up my Toy'.

To date he has turbo'd up

1. A ball blowing toy into a massive fire erupting contraption, which accidentally set some trees on fire

2. A soft toy dragon into a remote controlled, fire breathing, smoke blowing dragon which accidentally ran over his son Samuel.

3. A pink baby car into the batmobile

4. An old golf cart into a go-kart

During the day he Teaches Science, after school he gets up to his real Science and Engineering mischief.

The video was captured in March 2015 and has only recently emerged online.

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