Delhi bus rape victim flown to Singapore

The so called “Delhi bus rape victim” has been flown to Singapore for further treatment at a hospital specialising in organ donations. Her family is with her, and doctors say that the 23-year-olds condition remains critical. She is still on life support, and recovery is likely to take many months. Doctors add she has already undergone three operations and further surgery will be required for the extensive internal damage that was inflicted during the attack.

The female student, who was travelling home with a male friend, was gang raped, attacked with a metal bar, beaten and thrown from a moving bus last week. In India, where public opinion has been outraged by this latest rape attack, violent protests broke out. The authorities have announced new measures including banning buses with tinted windows and curtains.

They have also announced that if convicted the attackers face life terms in jail, but some people are calling for the death sentence. So far, six men have been arrested and two police officers suspended. There is also an ongoing investigation into possible lapses by the authorities.