Divers swim with rare bioluminescent sea worm

A remarkable video has emerged of a group of divers swimming with a translucent worm-like sea creature off the coast of Ticao Island in the Philippines. The underwater footage, captured late last month, shows the divers swimming beside the large marine structure called a 'pyrosome', composed of a colony of tiny animals called 'tunicates'. The creature can be seen giving off a bioluminescent glow, caused by the translucent organelles contained within the structure. Writing online about the experience, the filmer said "We encountered this translucent "worm" in the Philippines off Ticao Island. Not even the dive master had seen one before, but we later identified it as a colony of tine animals called tunicates. When they join together like this, they're called a pyrosome. The diameter of the structure was 4-5 inches and its length was about 4 feet."