Error caused UK to miss over 15,000 COVID cases

A technical failure in England's COVID-19 testing data system resulted in over 15,000 test results not being transferred to computer systems on time, including data used for contact tracers.

The "glitch" has now been fixed and should not be repeated, according to the government, but it caused Britain to reported a record jump in daily cases to almost 23,000 on Sunday.

Government officials stressed that the glitch has been found and fixed, and that measures have been put in place to QUOTE “make sure this sort of problem doesn't happen again."

News of this latest setback adds further pressure on UK prime minister Boris Johnson, who’s handling of the pandemic continues to come in for criticism from political opponents.

Public health England who are responsible for inputting the data said that all the people concerned had been given their results in a timely fashion, and that those with positive results had been told to self-isolate.