EU opens new front in AstraZeneca legal fight

The EU has opened a new front in its battle with AstraZeneca.

Brussels on Tuesday (May 11) launched a new lawsuit against the drugmaker, saying it had breached commitments on the supply of vaccines.

That follows another case launched in late April.

AstraZeneca has said the first case is without merit, saying it complied with all contractual requirements.

It said the second case was unnecessary, given that one was already under way.

On Tuesday the EU's lawyer asked that AstraZeneca deliver 120 million shots by the end of June.

A lawyer for the Anglo-Swedish firm said it was aiming for 100 million by that date.

He says it has no obligation to supply more, as the original contract only required the firm to make its 'best reasonable efforts' to supply a target of 300 million.

AstraZeneca has blamed production problems and export restrictions for the delay in shipments.