European vacations just got more complicated

It's been an up and down week for coronavirus in Europe.

Take this holiday resort in Poland.

It's offering free coronavirus tests to guests as cases spike nationally.

In the past week alone, daily case numbers have exceeded 800 on three occasions, breaking records for the country.

These measures may be necessary for their survival, because while some countries in Europe are seeing their cases fall, others are rising and reimposing travel restrictions... which hurt hospitality services like hotels- badly.

For example Britain announced late on Thursday (August 13) that it would impose a quarantine on arrivals from France, the Netherlands, and Malta because infection rates there were too high, dealing a new blow to the travel industry.

Those countries are joining Spain on the quarantine list, deterring trips there and causing new headaches for airlines and travel companies who had been banking on an August recovery.

France warned that it would reciprocate.

These British tourists in the south of France were rushing home Friday (August 14).

"We've chosen, when we heard the news last night we decided to come straight home."

New cases in France were at a four month high Thursday, and it's a similar figure in Spain which also recorded its highest numbers since the end of lockdown.

The UK, however, is faring slightly better. Data shows infections in Britain have topped 1,000 three times this month and remain at or above the level seen two weeks ago.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson also ordered the reopening of the economy in England to resume Friday, saying a rise in infections that prompted caution two weeks ago had now levelled off.