Fuel fears spark panic buying at UK gas stations

Long lines formed at some UK petrol stations on Friday (September 24).

That after reports of fuel shortages in certain locations.

Oil giant BP had to close a few of its outlets, saying driver shortages meant it had been unable to get enough fuel delivered.

ExxonMobil's Esso and supermarket chain Tesco were also affected.

The problems come as Britain grapples with a shortage of truck drivers.

About 25,000 left the UK because of Brexit, and lockdowns put on hold the testing of new drivers.

The industry says it's now short of about 100,000 truckers.

Ministers have tried to stop panic buying, and calm fears of a major fuel shortage.

Transport secretary Grant Shapps says the government will do 'whatever it takes' to ease the driver shortage.

The government insists there is no danger of a return to the 1970s, when Britain grappled with energy shortages and rampant inflation.

Hauliers say ministers should urgently allow short-term visas for foreign drivers.

But there are fears that it's already too late to avoid problems with the delivery of goods during the festive season.

Supermarkets say Christmas presents could be the next target for panic buyers.

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