Group Supporting Islamic State Releases Video Showing Fictionalized Attack on the White House

Abd al-Faqir Media, a group that supports Islamic State, released two videos as part of a series showing fictional attacks on various cities, including Washington, Boston, London and Seoul.

The footage featured in these clips is largely taken from cinema films and previously released Islamic State footage.

The first video, titled “But We See It Near” is an introductory video for the series. It includes footage of the Boston marathon bombing (beginning at the 0:57 mark) taken from the American film Patriot’s Day. At the 1:04 mark, a fictional attack on Seoul can be seen; the footage was taken from the South Korean action film R2B: Return to Base.

The second video, titled “Conquering Washington: Part 1” begins with a title card reading “A film about the Islamic State invasion of wilyat Washington in the near future.” The video states that Islamic State sleeper cells have been scouting Washington by night in preparation for an invasion. The video features an array of fictional footage taken from various movies, including American action films London Has Fallen and Olympus Has Fallen. Credit: Abd al-Faqir Media