India opens inquiry into Delhi bus gang rape

There has been a fresh outbreak of violence in the Indian capital Delhi during protests over the gang rape of young student.

Police clashed with opposition Congress party supporters who say crimes against women have increased in the state of Madhya Pradesh because of poor governance.

One policeman has died and more than 100 protesters have been hurt since the violence began.

In response, India’s Finance Minister announced a new inquiry commission into the incident earlier this month.

“Our appeal to everyone is – please believe that these steps are being taken with a serious intent to find lasting solutions to this problem that has plagued all metropolitan cities in India,” said P Chidambaram.

The 23-year-old victim of the Dec. 16 attack is still critically ill after being beaten, raped for almost an hour and thrown out of a moving bus.

Six people, including the bus driver, are being held in connection with the incident.