Israeli airforce continues to pound Gaza

Dozens more targets in Gaza have been hit by Israeli airpower this Monday morning, beginning with a sports centre. The raids came on the back of over 80 overnight sorties.

At least 10 more Palestinian civilians were killed in the morning attacks, bringing the total number of dead to at least 85 in the last six days, with hundreds injured.

Several missiles also hit the Palestinian National Security Force compound, but the rate at which militants managed to fire missiles back into Israeli territory seemed to slacken, say eyewitnesses.

Underlying the air assault is an even greater fear in the hearts of the Gaza populace; a ground attack backed by armour that could come at any time. The Israeli army has signalled this could be on the cards with this weekend’s mobilisation of 85,000 reservists.

The death yesterday of 11 members of the same family, most of them children, has sparked outrage in many quarters and accusations of Israeli overkill, but worse may be yet to come in Gaza if the fighting does not stop.