Jordan: refugees being shot at as they leave Syria

Jordan says it is continuing to see an increase in Syrian refugees crossing into its territory. Border officials say many people are being shot at by

Syrian government forces as they attempt to leave.

Many make the journey at night and use unofficial crossing points along the 378 kilometre border which is patrolled by Jordanian guards.

When they find groups of refugees, papers are checked, and then the newcomers are taken to reception points for registration. They are then offered first aid and food.

Many refugees tell stories of how they fled daily army raids on their homes. They say conditions are “terrible” and deteriorating.

“The end is near, God willing we will be freed from this tyrannical regime that has been controlling us for over forty years. God willing, victory is near,” said Abu Nayef, a Syrian waiting to enter Jordan.

As the conflict enters its 22nd month, the United Nations expects a further increase in the numbers looking to escape. Around 2.5 million Syrians have been displaced within the country.

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