Jordan's King Abdullah: A Calamity Has Struck All Jordanians, We Must Stand United

Jordan’s King Abdullah is to cut short a visit to the United States and return to Jordan on February 3 after footage circulating online confirmed the killing of Jordanian Air Force pilot Muath al-Kasaesbeh by Islamic State militants who held him hostage.

The King addressed the people of Jordan in a televised statement broadcast of Jordan’s national TV channel.

The King starts his speech by saying the news of the pilot’s death was received with sorrow and anger. At 0.38 into the footage he calls the Islamic State “a terrorist, cowardly organization”, and “a criminal, misguided group”.

At 1.30 the King says, “We stand today with the family of the martyr and the hero, Muath, and with our people, and with our armed forces in this calamity, which has struck all Jordanians. In these difficult moments, it the duty of all our sons and daughters to stand together and show what Jordanians are truly made of”.

At 2.23 he says the crisis will only “make us stronger and more unified, and resilient”. Credit: YouTube/ JRTVChannel

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