'Meghan and Harry will look at the reaction to Vogue and see how far they can push boundaries'

Meghan Markle's British Vogue issue has divided opinion - some have lauded the duchess for including 15 trailblazing women on the cover, others have accused her of wading into politics.

The Sunday Times' royal correspondent Roya Nikkhah tells Yahoo UK's 'The Royal Box:' "I think the reaction to this was quite interesting, I think they will look at Vogue and the reaction, to see how far they can possibly push boundaries safely, not safely, what’s the reaction going to be?

"I think the issues that you hear Meghan and Harry talking about in this issue, because of course he’s in there too, it’s probably an interesting take to which directions they want to go in going forwards.

"She’s still a relatively new member of the Royal Family, she’s officially on maternity leave, still figuring out what else she wants to do and support beyond the four patronages she’s taken on. So I think this will be a very good litmus test for them, seeing the reaction that’s come back, a huge support, some questioning over some of the issues, but I think it will be a good litmus test for them to say ‘okay, this is what we can run with going forwards."