Moby returns with "Innocents"

Moby is back with his eleventh studio album “Innocents.”

It includes collaboations with a string of guest artists including Cold Specks singer Al Spx who helmed this first, atmospheric single, A Case for Shame.

“I guess a theme to this album ‘Innocents’ is (…) vulnerability and the human condition and people’s inner emotional lives. My friends in New York, if they heard me say that, would be like ‘clearly you’ve moved to Southern California because you’re using words like ‘vulnerability’ and the ‘human condition’,” said Moby of his inspiration for the album.

Other guests include Damien Jurado, Skylar Gray and Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips.

The album has earned mixed reviews – while some critics welcome it as one of his best, others say it offers nothing new compared to his previous work.

Throughout his career, Moby has also co-written, produced, and remixed music for a range of artists including Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Daft Punk and Britney Spears.

The 31-year old pop icon has just released her latest music video for her new single “Work Bitch.“ Featuring a scantily-clad Spears dancing seductively in the desert or at an S&M- themed party, the video is supposed to mark Britney’s major comeback on the pop music scene.

It is the first single from her up-coming album due out in December.

Spears also recently announced a two-year residency deal at the Planet Hollywood resort in Las Vegas, starting in December.

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