'Moneyless Man' attempts to walk round the world


LONDON, UK, 12 August 2013

Source: AFPTV

-VAR Turner walking by Marble Arch

SOUNDBITE 1 Colin Turner, 'Freeworlder' (English, 24 secs):

"Travelling without money means that we're obviously not spending money, but it means that we're relying on hosts to accommodate us, people who can give us accommodation during the night, people who can feed us, people who can give us lifts. So we're hitch-hiking, we're staying with some really great people. I have a website which people are logging-on to to pledge support for us."

SOUNDBITE 2 Colin Turner, 'Freeworlder' (English, 15 secs):

"With all the stuff that's going on with the economies, debts, banking, that sort of stuff, we are obviously realising that we're coming to the end of the money system. So what the Freeworld Charter tries to do is to try and present the alternative system of what will replace it."

SOUNDBITE 3 Colin Turner, 'Freeworlder' (English, 25 secs):

"Money as a motivator really is only just exaggerated because we can't live without it. So one of the reasons I'm trying to walk around the world without money is to show theoretically that it's possible, even though practically I am actually relying on other people to spend money for me, but at least it's not a perfect idea but at least it promotes something and it's giving awareness to the Free World Charter campaign."