Movie motor greats line up in ‘Bond in Motion’ exhibition

The largest collection of James Bond memorabilia has gone on show in an exhibition in London’s Covent garden. In over 50 years of saving the world, Bond – James Bond has driven what have become some of the most iconic movie motors. The Aston Martin DB5 that led to Goldlfinger’s downfall and captured the imagination of a generation of pistonheads is on view. What is it about 007 and Aston Martins – as in the DBS from Quantum of Solace? “Well I think it’s a character in the film, people ask when they hear there’s gonna be a new Bond film, they say – ‘who’s the girl and what’s the car?’ I think Bond depends on the cars for his survival and it’s part of the drama of the film,” explained Bond producer Michael G. Wilson. It was a Lotus packed with gadgets thanks to Q which was central to the film “The Spy Who Loved Me.” But the Aston Martin is set to return – and a model which has never been seen before. Filming on the next of the spy movies will start later this year with the actor Daniel Craig in the lead – or will the car be the star?