Santa Claus paddle boards the Niagara River, Canada

A cool video has emerged of a man dressed as Santa Claus paddle boarding on the Niagara River between Fort Erie, ON, Canada and Buffalo, NY, US.

The footage, captured on Tuesday, shows John Fulton dressed in the famous red and white suit using a stand up paddle board to make his way down the river.

Fulton explains that his stunt triggered so much attention when he first took on the role of ‘Surfing Santa’ in 1985 that he now uses the annual tradition to bring attention to the issue of homelessness in the local area.

"Surfing Santa, as Fulton is known, asks people who attend the event each year to bring socks and underwear for homeless shelters in both Canada and the United States. He said there is always a great need for both of those items" the filmer later wrote online.

"Due to a lack of wind the past two years, Fulton switched to using a stand up paddle board, and this year went five kilometres down the river, straddling the international border".

"He was escorted by U.S. Border Patrol and (Canadian) Niagara Parks Police vessels in case he ran into trouble on the water. In 2002, U.S. Border Patrol took him into custody when he set foot briefly on U.S. soil to fix his wetsuit. Heightened security after 9/11, said Fulton, was the reason behind his detainment."

"Santa doesn’t need a passport. Santa is international" Surfing Santa said this year.