Seattle Police Release Dashcam Video of Man Fatally Shot by Officers

Seattle police released dashcam video on Monday, February 22, of the fatal police-involved shooting of Che Taylor on Sunday afternoon. Police described Taylor, 46, as a felon who was illegally armed with a handgun.

Police said in a press release that officers performing surveillance as part of an investigation observed Taylor with a holstered handgun. Because he is a convicted felon, police said, he is legally barred from possessing a gun. Taylor’s crimes include assault, robbery and rape, according to police.

Seattle police said officers approached Taylor as he stood next to a white car. They told him to show his hands and get on the ground, but he did not comply with commands. “According to officers, as well as a civilian witness interviewed by investigators, Taylor reached for his handgun, leading officers to fire,” police said in the press release.

Police said they recovered a firearm from Taylor at the hospital.

This video shows officers driving to the scene. The car arrives to see officers approaching the white vehicle with weapons drawn. Taylor is standing behind the vehicle and can be seen ducking down when ordered to get on the ground. One officer leans in to take Taylor into custody before about six shots are fired. Because Taylor is behind the vehicle, viewers cannot see what Taylor was doing before the shots were fired.

The Seattle-King County NAACP president described Taylor as well-known in the community and deeply beloved, according to a local report.

Seattle-King County NAACP President Gerald Hankerson also decried early reports of the shooting for demonizing Taylor, according to the report. ""We know him as someone who is not a gun toter… My entire community right now is so outraged. There’s so many more questions than answers," Hankerson said in the report. Credit: YouTube/Seattle Police Department