Snake Catchers Remove 8-Kilogram Bloated Snake From Kitchen

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers Ross McGibbon and Richie Gilbert needed dual strength when removing this eight kilogram, three-metre carpet python from a Yandina home. The huge reptile was curled up on a kitchen bench and had clearly just eaten, having no intention to move.

“This huge Carpet python was found on a kitchen bench after consuming what we suspect was a large possum or possibly a cat from the neighbourhood,” Richie said.

“I will admit an extra hand was useful when we had to lift the heavy snake onto the floor. We then found a nice tree hollow to release the snake where it will spend the next couple of weeks digesting that huge meal.”

This video shows the men removing the snake and calling it a “fatty” and a “beauty”, before releasing it into the wild. Credit: Facebook/Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers