Spectacular aurora borealis puts on show over Scotland

A filmer created a time-lapse video of an aurora borealis as its green and purple lights danced across the night sky in Scotland on March 18.

“The phenomenon occurs when the Earth's magnetic field traps tiny particles from the sun and sends them on a collision course with molecules in the atmosphere. As a result of these repeated, tiny crashes, energy is released in the form of light,” the BBC News reported.

“I knew the statistics were looking good for the aurora borealis and the sky was clear,” the filmer said. “So I headed out to a good location before it was completely dark. I had just finished setting up my equipment when the activity started.”

“I sat and watched as this amazing light show went on in front of me,” the filmer continued. “The video was filmed at the top of Cliff Hill, which is just behind the village of Poolewe in Wester Ross, Scottish Highlands. I regularly go out to get time-lapse videos of the northern lights and on this occasion it was a spectacular show.”