And they're queuing already! Royal wedding spectators camp out in Windsor

Royal wedding spectators have started camping out on the streets of Windsor with four days still to go.

Royal superfan Terry Hutt said he and six companions would be camping out from Tuesday (May 15).

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are to marry this Saturday in Windsor, a town on the River Thames to the west of London.

"We're here for a good reason ... camping out ... to be first in the queue," says Hutt.

"First come, first served! I've been doing it for years. According to the police, (they're) talking about Friday. If we wait till Friday, we'll be the last ones at the back!"

"We all met on Sunday, six of us turned up. We decided to come here today (Tuesday) and camp out tonight," Hutt said.

"We picked a corner. They've got to slow down (to turn the corner). We will have a good spot to see the couple."