Timelapse Reveals Sculpture of Kick Boxer

When Dan Marek from Beaverton, Oregon, was given a sculpture lesson as a gift from his wife he hadn’t bet on it being taught by renowned sculptor Andrew Cawrse

Andrew is one of the worlds most sought after sculptors specializing in anatomical correctness whose work has featured in films such as Star Wars and Avatar. Speaking to Storyful Dan said “The class was very intense (five 10-12 hour days) and at the end Andrew said, ‘You need to keep practicing to get better, but only 20-30% of you will take my advice.’ So I decided to take his advice! Andrew pushed us to practice a full figure from start-to-finish in 3 hours and he said it was possible to completely finish a figure in 2 hours once you have mastered anatomy”. Credit: MODBLOT via Storyful