Tunisian faith in the Revolution fades

The second anniversary of the death of Mohammed Bouazizi, the street vender whose self immolation sparked the Tunisian Revolution, has been marked in the town of Sid Bouzid.

President Moncef Marzouki was pelted with stones and tomatoes as he addressed an angry and frustrated gathering as faith in the revolution fades.

The president said he understood the frustration:

“I’m hearing the anger of certain people. I do accept that the main goals of the have not been fulfilled and the corrupt of the previous regime remain at large,” he said.

Wreaths were laid in honour of Bouazzi as ordinary Tunisians lamented the failure of government, post-revolution:

“This is a second anniversary, but nothing has changed here there is no development, no employment,” said one man.

Bouazizi set himself on fire outside the main police station in Sid Bouzid after arguing with officers who then confiscated his means of earning a living.

His act of defiance set off demonstrations in Tunisia and brought about the fall dictator Ben Ali and protest spread like wildfire across the Arab World.